Denpanels was founded with the vision of creating a brand that not only adapts to the European market but also celebrates its diversity and cultural heritage. From its early beginnings in Germany, Denpanels has become a symbol of the finest in European design and craftsmanship. The dedication of Fog & Venø to quality and innovation lies at the core of every Denpanels product, contributing to the brand's swift expansion across the continent.

In our commitment to quality and innovation, Fog & Venø also places a high priority on responsibility as a fundamental value of Denpanels. We are conscious of our duty towards the planet and future generations, and thus, we continuously aim to minimize our environmental impact. This is evident in our selection of materials, manufacturing techniques, and packaging. Through these efforts, we encourage our customers to make small changes toward a more responsible lifestyle.


Wood Panels




At the core of Fog & Venø's production process is our sincere commitment to environmental responsibility. We recognize that every action we take must align with our principles. As such, it's a crucial part of our mission to ensure that our Denpanels brand achieves rigorous environmental certifications.

Through our solid partnership with well-known certification organizations like FSC® and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we guarantee that our acoustic panels not only meet but also surpass the highest standards of responsibility and quality. The Denpanels brand stands as a testament to our profound dedication to conserving our planet's resources and offering products that enhance our lifestyle while respecting the environment.