The industry's only fire-approved acoustic panel.ler med lameldesign på filt

The only fire-approved acoustic panels in the industry with felt slat design 
Our specially designed polyester felt is the essence of our innovative fire-resistant acoustic panels with slat design, marking a milestone in fire-approved construction. This unique felt is the foundation for the industry's first fire-retardant, slat-based acoustic panel for wall and ceiling mounting, which meets the strictest requirements according to current EU standards (EN:13823/ B-s1,d0). 

Compliance with the strictest fire safety requirements

For Fog & Venø, compliance with the strictest fire safety requirements is not just a necessity, but a priority in the development of acoustic panels for professional and commercial environments. We are deeply aware of the critical consequences that fire properties have for safety in any space, especially in public and business-oriented buildings such as schools and nursing homes, where evacuation must be able to occur quickly and safely. 

Our fire-retardant acoustic panels are developed to meet the highest safety standards and are approved in accordance with the EU standard EN:13823. This ensures that our products not only comply with applicable legal requirements but also offer the best possible security in the event of a fire… 

Optimize your indoor climate with Fog & Venø acoustic panels 

At Fog & Venø, we understand that the basis for a comfortable indoor climate is good acoustics, which directly affects the comfort and functionality of any space. Our acoustic panels are designed to optimize sound conditions and meet strict requirements for degassing, whether it involves office environments, public spaces, assembly halls, restaurants, theaters, or kindergartens. 

Good acoustics are essential for achieving a healthy indoor climate
Poor acoustics, where sound is transformed into noise through excessive reverberation, lead to weakened communication and concentration. Long reverberation times can cause stress and discomfort, especially in environments with high human traffic like open office environments, public spaces, restaurants, theaters, and kindergartens. Modern constructions with hard, sound-reflecting surfaces exacerbate the problem by extending the reverberation time… 

Your partner in unique acoustic solutions 

Choose Fog & Venø for responsible and unique acoustic solutions
At Fog & Venø, responsibility is an integral part of our DNA. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every phase of our value chain – from the initial design concept to the finished product at the customer. By choosing our acoustic panels, you not only get an aesthetically pleasing and functional product, but also a durable solution that supports our ambition for more sustainable development. 

Dedication to quality and responsible production
Our acoustic panels are made from carefully selected materials and undergo extensive quality tests, including sound tests and life cycle assessments (LCA), which confirm their durability and environmentally friendly profile. We ensure compliance with strict fire requirements and deliver products that are supported by relevant certificates, making our acoustic panels ideal for both new projects and renovation of existing buildings… 

"As a carpenter, I appreciate craftsmanship and aesthetics. FOG & VENØ acoustic panels combine classic design with modern details and high quality. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking elegance and functionality in their home."

  • Thomas Rørvang, participated in the Danish and European Championships in skills and owner of Rørvang Furniture ApS

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