Nordic Swan Ecolabel

FOG & VENØ - Tradition Meets Sustainability

At Fog & Venø, we build our work upon strong traditions and unwavering values. Our DNA is imbued with quality where we never compromise. We are renowned for our attention to detail and for maintaining an innovative approach, where inspiration walks hand in hand with innovation. As leaders in our field, we believe it is our responsibility to take the lead, even when it comes to the green transition.

And now, we have taken another significant stride forward: We are proud to introduce the world's only Nordic Swan Ecolabel slate-based acoustic panels.

Why the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is not just another label or certification. It is the official environmental label of the Nordic countries and is recognized as one of the world's strictest and most ambitious environmental certifications. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel serves as a guiding star for consumers, making it easier to adopt a greener lifestyle. Throughout the Nordic region, the significance of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is growing.

In Denmark alone, 95% of the population is familiar with the label, and 67% actively look for it when making purchasing decisions; now it can also be found on acoustic panels. As many as 68% of Danes are actively engaged in personal actions to protect the environment. Licensees of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel can use environmental friendliness as a strategic competitive advantage, supporting a more sustainable society.


When you choose our Swan-labeled acoustic panels, you not only get improved acoustics in your home but also our proof of a strong commitment to sustainability. It signals an appreciation for eco-friendly initiatives and a healthier lifestyle. With the Swan Label on our acoustic panels, we confirm our dedication to using only environmentally friendly materials while avoiding harmful chemicals. "Choose green, choose quality, choose our Swan-labeled acoustic panels."

  • Environmental Considerations: The panels are developed with the primary goal of reducing the emission of harmful substances into the environment.
  • Health: No harmful chemicals and a healthy indoor environment are the hallmarks of our Swan-labeled acoustic panels.
  • Consumer Trust: The increasing recognition of the label means that customers and consumers are more likely to choose products with this accreditation.



In today's construction industry, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has become a crucial benchmark for sustainability and quality. This emblem has solidified its position as a recognized standard for environmental responsibility, sustainability, and consumer awareness, not only in Denmark but throughout the Nordic region.

How do we ensure that the spaces we create are both aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally friendly? The Swan Label provides the answer. Across the Nordic countries, the significance of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is growing. In Denmark alone, 95% of the population is familiar with the label, and 67% actively seek it when making purchasing decisions. These figures reflect a broader Nordic trend where both private consumers and businesses prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations to an increasingly greater extent.

Poor acoustics can significantly diminish the experience of any space, from workplaces to public areas and private residences. However, by choosing Nordic Swan-labeled acoustic panels, you are not only addressing acoustic challenges but also signaling a commitment to the planet. In professional environments where productivity and employee satisfaction are crucial, Nordic Swan-labeled solutions become a key factor. These solutions not only tackle acoustic issues but also demonstrate a company's dedication to sustainability.