FV-employee associations

Why do we have an employee association?

The purpose of Fog & Venø's employee association is to promote and maintain well-being and camaraderie among employees at Fog & Venø in a way that also allows meeting under circumstances other than work-related ones.

Additionally, the association is responsible for arranging gifts for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and similar occasions.

Who is on the employee association's board?

The association's board must consist of 7 members. In addition, 1 alternate is elected.

Chairperson: Tobias Andersen
Vice-Chairperson: VickiBjørk Mikkelsen
Treasurer: Linda Bank
Other Members: Thomas Klit, Louise Obitsø Kristensen, Emil
Alternate: Katrine Trærup Nielsen

Members are elected to the board for a term of 2 years. The chairperson, secretary, and ordinary member are elected in even years (starting in 2026), while the vice-chairperson and treasurer are elected in odd years. The alternate is elected for 1 year.

All eligible voters may vote for up to 5 names they believe should make up the board. One must be a member of the employee association to have voting rights. The board constitutes itself with a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, and secretary. Board meetings are held outside of working hours. Additionally, 2 auditors are elected who are obliged to continuously supervise the accounting. Auditors are also elected for 1 year.

Why should I join the employee association?

Annual Events

The employee association will organize and hold a series of events throughout the year. These include, but are not limited to, themed Friday bars, Christmas gatherings, and other festive get-togethers to promote camaraderie and good spirits among members.

External Experiences

The association will also arrange experiences outside the workplace. These activities are designed to offer unique and memorable experiences that strengthen the community and give members the opportunity to experience something extraordinary together.

Competitions and Prizes

From time to time, the employee association will organize internal competitions to create a fun and competitive atmosphere. These competitions will be accompanied by attractive prizes to increase engagement and participation joy.

Surprises for Special Events

At special events, for example, goodie bags may be distributed as an extra appreciation for the participants.

Support for External Events

For larger external events, the employee association will contribute financially to reduce the personal contribution for its members. This is aimed at making these events more accessible and attractive for all members.

These provisions reflect the employee association's commitment to creating an inclusive, fun, and engaging workplace culture where members feel valued and part of a community.


The association provides attention for:

Wedding, copper and silver wedding anniversary 300,00 kr
Craftsman's examination 300,00 kr
Maternity 300,00 kr
Milestone birthdays:30, 40, 50, 60, 70 år 300,00 kr
Anniversary: 10, 20, 25, 30 år 300,00 kr
Graduation (work boys) 300,00 kr
Confirmation (work boys) 300,00 kr
For hospitalization or prolonged illness Bouquet
Funeral: members, spouse, partner, child Funeral wreath

Fog & Venø A/S covers all expenses related to gifts.

What does it cost to be a member of Fog & Venø's Employee Association?

Membership Fee:

The membership fee is DKK 50.00 per month, which is deducted from the salary. Work boys, apprentices, and non-full-time employees pay half the fee. No refund is given for amounts paid upon leaving the association.

User Fee:

The board is authorized by the general assembly to set a user fee for some events. It is also possible to charge a deposit upon registration, which will be refunded upon the event's occurrence.

Suggestions for Events for the Staff Association

You are always welcome to propose fun activities for the members of the Staff Association. Please send an email with your suggestion to fv-personaleforening@fog-veno.com.

Request for Support from the Staff Association

If you wish to organize an external event and would like the support of the Staff Association, kindly send an email regarding this.

The email should contain a detailed description of the event, including a specification of the extent of the Staff Association's involvement in the planning process.

In the event that the arrangement is intended for all employees, it is requested that you clearly indicate the desired support from the Staff Association. This includes both financial assistance and help with planning.

Please be advised that there will be a processing time of 30 days for this request.